Sunday, October 23, 2011

Camping at Hocking Hills

We LOVE camping. Camping in the summer in Ohio is too too hot. We decided to go over Labor Day weekend. We figured that by then, the weather might not be so hot and humid.
We were wrong! There was a heat wave that weekend. I'm talking serious heat and humidity. Mid 90's and air so thick you wouldn't believe!

We went with our great friends, the Udink's. Monica and I were both at the end of our first trimester in pregnancy. She had a flattened Capri Sun box that she was using as a fan. She threatened serious consequences if it was to accidentally end up in the fire. I wish I would have gotten a picture of her with it.

For some reason, my boys get super sweaty. They look like they've been playing in the water but it's just sweat!

Minus the humidity, we had a great time.
We caught frogs.
(Bug nets are a must when camping. That thing was a hit!)

Loved the frog!
Probably to it's death.
Went hiking.
Enjoyed time with great folks.
Got more dirty than thought possible.
 Hiked some more.
Kids NEED the outdoors.
 We caught a RIVER TURTLE! That was awesome.

Remember that comment about the bug net? Well, Jeff and Ryan played with it about as much as the kids.
They caught frogs, fish, turtles and crawdads.

Okay, the dad's took the kids to the river. Mac comes back with this itty bitty fish.
Oh, gross. I don't want to touch it. 
He carried that dead thing around for over an hour. It's guts were coming out of the gills on it's neck. Yuck!
Mac loved it and was in heaven. He was so happy. 
I couldn't watch.
Mac and Hunter watching the turtle.

Such a great time. I thought this time was busy, we'll see how next summer goes, camping with twins!

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